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SoftwareInReview covered what we believed to be the top Linux distributions in 2015. Clearly it’s time to review our findings. A lot of people did not agree with the choices, and, to be fair, it is hard to name a “best” version of Linux because the distributions are developed for many different purposes.

  • Want an easy-to-use desktop?

Maybe Linux Mint or Ubuntu are the choices for you.

  • Want an enterprise server?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLESE) have a lot of great features.

  • Want a Linux distribution that lives in memory?

Puppy is a small distribution, (with a live-CD around 85MB) that can load completely into RAM.  This distribution is very fast and now makes the top ten list of visited Linux distribution sites.

  • Want a Linux distribution for gaming?

SuperGamer, based on VectorLinux, is a live DVD this is written for gaming on Linux.  linuX-gamers Live DVD, based on Arch Linux, is another choice.

Our list of the best Linux distributions of 2011 was the most commented-on post we have had and it stirred up a lot of debate.
Probably the most glaring omission from the original post was Linux Mint, which now tops the list of most visited Linux distributions.  We still like Ubuntu as a very usable Linux distribution, but Mint has a lot of admirers too.

While we are tempted to “rate” Linux distributions,  it is probably just as relevant to list the most visited Linux distribution sites. It should be noted that two of the top ten distributions have a more than casual relation to Red Hat.

According to Distrowatch, The top ten Linux distributions, according to page hit ranking are:

  1. Linux Mint 13
  2. Mageia  2  ( a fork from Mandriva in 2010)
  3. Ubuntu 12.04.1
  4. Fedora   17   “A Red Hat-Sponsored Community Project”
  5. OpenSUSE  11.4
  6. Debian 6.0
  7. Arch Linux
  8. CentOS  5.8  “derived entirely from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) distribution”
  9. PCLinuxOS
  10. Puppy

Linux distributions have the trait of raising and dropping in popularity very fast.  Which distro will be the next most popular?

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