Best 2011 Animation Software Programs

SoftwareInReview looked at animation software programs. Listed below are our top seven animation software programs for 2011. Each program was ranked based on the ease of installation, the user friendliness and the availability of both help and support for the consumer.
The table below provides an overall rating given to each program. We have also included the price of each program and a short review along with a link to the manufacture’s website that can be accessed by clicking on the links provided below.

Best Animation Software for 2011

Animation Software
Price Full Review Go To Site Ease of Use Effectiveness Help/ Support Overall Rating
Toon Boom Studio 6
$329.99 Review Order 5 5 5
Anime Studio Debute 8 and Pro 8
$49.99, $199.99 Review Order 5 4.5 5
Claymation Studio 3.0 Deluxe
$59.99 Review Order 4.5 5 5
Animation Workshop 4.0a
$29.99 Review Order 4.5 5 4.5
Easy GIF Animator
$19.85 Review Order 4.5 4 4

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